Why should you claim the maternity supplement in your pension if you are a man?

In order to claim the maternity allowance, it will be necessary to comply with a series of requirements, which had not changed until recently. Royal Decree-Law 3/2021 establishes the regulations for the reduction of the gender gap in social and economic security.
The recognition of men to receive an additional percentage to their retirement for paternity is a significant fact.

Previously, this social assistance was intended only for women, but the decree changed its legal nature. Carlos Baño León lawyers will explain the details of this manifesto.

Which men can claim maternity allowance?

You must meet one requirement to claim the maternity supplement, which is to have earned a pension between January 1, 2016 and February 3, 2021. If you meet this condition, and at the same time you have two or more biological or adopted children, you will be able to apply.

Before continuing, it is necessary to clarify the percentage attributed to this assistance. Depending on the number of children of the retiree, between 5% and 15% of the established pension amount will be granted. In the same vein, the types of retirements contemplated in the regulations of the Royal Decree are as follows:

  • Early Retirement
  • Ordinary retirement
  • Retirement due to permanent disability
  • Widow’s pension

As explained above, the attributable amount may vary, since the above pensions have different proportions. However, they are governed by the same legal provisions. In the same vein, the procedure for obtaining them is the same.

How to claim maternity allowance for men?

claiming maternity allowance for men
claiming maternity allowance for men

A prior analysis is required to initiate the application process. It is possible to start it on your own, but sometimes it is necessary to have specialized advice to avoid mistakes. We will show you the steps to follow so you can get started yourself:

1. Write a letter specifying the motivations for your proposal. It is also necessary to mention the pension you currently receive. The model for claiming maternity allowance is versatile, depending on the appellant’s writing style and level of education.

2. Look for your ID card, certificate of recognition of your pension and birth certificate of your children. Clarification of interest: all documents must be in perfect condition and must be in force.

3. Now you must manage the proposal, to do so, go to the Social Security home page and formalize the appointment. It should be noted that everything will be done through the Internet for the convenience of users.

4. You will be assigned an appointment, come on the day stipulated on the form and present it together with the previously mentioned requirements. Your application will be considered in order of receipt.

How much does it cost to claim maternity benefits?

The process is free, but if you decide to hire a group of lawyers to handle the case, then you will have to pay their professional fees. There are many law firms in the country, so you will have to choose the one with the best references.

Among the characteristics of Carlos Baño León Abogados are the excellent references from our clients. We have the necessary experience to meet your requirements, so you can enjoy the benefits of the pensions granted in your name.

To summarize, our actions are framed within the framework of the expeditious resolution of your disputes. Protecting your interests and ensuring a transparent outcome are our main objectives.

So contact us, we will gladly approach your case with discipline, consistency and professionalism. Remember that by claiming the maternity supplement you will have access to a higher amount in your pension and, in the long term, you will have a better quality of life.

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