What does home insurance cover?

We know that unforeseen events can occur at any time and in any place, but when they are located in our home it can seem like the end of the world; fortunately, there are different types of insurance policies available in the market, including home insurance.

But what if I don’t know anything about insurance? This problem was raised some time ago in an article in the newspaper El País, arguing the paradox of having several insurances without knowing their coverage. That is why we are going to explore, roughly speaking, the features of home insurance, so that we can get the most out of it.

Home insurance coverage


Fire coverage within the insurance covers damage caused by a fire started in the home, by smoke, by explosions or by lightning strikes in the property. These are not very frequent situations in a home, but if they were to occur, wouldn’t we be glad to have our home insurance up to date?

Electrical damage

When we talk about electrical damage, we refer to failures in the insured property’s electrical network, such as short circuits, arcing or power surges.

Water damage

Water damage tends to be the most common event in the home, as we are using this precious commodity all the time. A burst pipe that can flood our home, humidity in the house, even rain damage! There are many reasons to keep in mind what home insurance can do for us.


Is our sink broken? Well, this is included in the damages that can be covered by home insurance. This also includes mirrors, glass… anything that can be considered fragile.

Theft and vandalism

Sometimes we are not even safe in our own home; we may be victims of a robbery inside our home, but this does not mean that we are not covered for this type of events by our home insurance. If furniture or belongings are stolen from our home, it is better to have this insurance!


What if there is an accident inside our home? Someone may not look your way and end up with a serious injury. It is nobody’s fault, but who will be liable for these damages? It would be good to ask our insurer to include civil liability in our insurance.

Additional Services

Some home insurance policies have additional coverages, such as cosmetic damage resulting from the situations mentioned above, legal advice in the event of negligence on the part of our insurer and even IT advice.

It is for this reason that it is important to ask our insurance company about all the services and benefits that are included for our home, for the safety of our family and our most valuable assets.

Other considerations

Law 8/2004 of October 20, 2004, which applies to Housing in the Valencian Community, is an example of how serious it is to have insurance applied to our home.

The standard applies to residential buildings, because it understands how vital it is to ensure the most important thing: our life in such an intimate environment as the home. Why don’t we give the same urgency to knowing and understanding the advantages of having good home insurance?

Even so, we know that some doubts may remain in the air regarding the home insurance and its many uses (it may seem that we are dealing with a very complex multipurpose knife); that is why Carlos Baño León’s team, Lawyers in Alicante, is more than willing to put his knowledge and experience at the service of the public on this subject.

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