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Apart from the services that we have already described in specific areas of this website, we highlight another kind of work that we do and that we have not described in the other sections and areas of this page.

We process residence and work permits for foreigners not from the European Economic Community who wish to invest or work in Spain and who we attend in all the steps they must take from their own countries, where they are to get the possibility of obtaining visas in Spain that allow them a legal stay in our country for years.

We process all kinds of action at the Notary and at the Property Registration Office, so that in such a way we attend when it comes to record as a public deed before a Notary Public or with any kind of action that our client wish to do.

We assist in legal proceedings of all types of judicial files of voluntary jurisdiction such as: declarations of inability, income allocation or owed amounts of money, custody files, curatorship, inheritance and so on.

In terms of defaulting, before appearing in Court for the legal claim, we handle debt collection, which implies sending letters, fax, burofax, etc. We also make the previous investigation about the debtor liquidity.

The inheritance processing through the friendly means/amicable negotiations is an activity this law office carries out very often. We represent our clients at the Notary, gather all the necessary documents to certificate the death, the heir condition of our clients and as well as the right to inherit whether by having a will or by legal declaration.

Another very important field of action for this law firm is the representation of the clients before the Local Corporations, Autonomous Communities as well as the corresponding Ministry, attend to clients in urban matters, both when representing them before application files of urban permits, and in sanctioning files and so on.

We also represent clients in the areas of urban law such as expropriation projects, land division into plots, etc, helping our clients to obtain the recognition of their rights that will be seen not only in the urban compensations when the client may be affected by urban plans, as in the compensatory means when their properties are subject of expropriation for reasons of public utility or social interest.

We write all kinds of contracts and documents that are connected to our areas of expertise.


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