ide and important branch of Law that contains the regulation of large part of the issues or cases that affect the private sphere of people and that are revealed both in their relationships of economic character and in their personal sphere.

Civil Law that remains under the influence of the Roman Law, where it was created, embraces all the casuistry that can arise around cases relating to the personality, the family and the

Matters such as legal capacity, legal personality, legal age, custody; issues as important as those affecting all family law, such as filiation (parentage), parental authority, alimony, marriage, divorce and so on; and those related to the economic or patrimonial waiting for people such as rights in rem, mortgages, possession, property rights, usufruct, easements, obligations and contracts, purchases, inheritances, etc, are regulated in this specialty.

As it can be deducted from what we have said, large part of the judicial activity of the Courts and Tribunals, focuses on cases of this type, and in this way let’s think about the huge casuistry on the subject of contracts of all kinds, especially the contract of sale, on subject of mortgages, in matters of obligations, in matters of estates and inheritance and so on. Anybody may have been ever involved or affected before a Court or Tribunal in the matter of this court order.

And what about the obligatory and contractual field, of an area as sensitive as that of claims of debts, before situations of non-payments, of defaults, a matter that supposes a good percentage of the litigations at Courts and Tribunals.

Apart from the matters regulated in this area of ​​Civil Law by the Civil Code, there are many other matters of this field or of this nature that are regulated by special rules such as Associations, Cooperatives, Foundations, the Condominium Law, Official Protection Housing, Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and so on until a long etc.


Civil Lawyers Spain

Our work from the extrajudicial point of view covers both the advice and the drafting of all types of contracts, acting on behalf of clients at Notaries, Registries, and other Bodies or Public Entities.



From the beginning of the activity of this office, Civil Law has been one of the areas of law that have been most attended, which has resulted in a great number of judicial proceedings and judgments you can consult on our website.


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