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International Trade


The knowledge and experience acquired over many years in this sector will help you solve any doubts and problems you may have in your international operations:


These legal figures and many others that are used in international relations and that are of a commercial nature are an area of ​​specialization of this law firm.

You can present any question to this office that is raised within this specialty of Law, which is not only regulated by state laws but by the so-called lex mercatoria:

  • Uniform Customs and Practices of Collections, publication 522.
  • Uniform Customs relating to Demand Guarantees, publication no 458.
  • Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits, publication no 600.
  • Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds, publication no 524.
  • Uniform Customs and Practices for the Interpretation of International Commercial Terms (Incoterms). Publication no 560.
  • Uniform Rules for Bank-to Bank Reimbursements under Documentary Credits, no 525.
  • UNCTAD and ICC Rules on Multimodal Transport Document, publication no 481.
  • ITC International Usage on contingent liabilities, ISP 98 International Standby Practices, publication number 590.

As you can see in our website, we have a lot of experience in this specialty.

The knowledge of these Practices as well as the international application conventions, as an example:

  • The Vienna Convention of April 11th, 1980 on International Sale of Goods. Instrument of ratification of July 17th, 1990 (BOE- Spanish Official Gazette no 26 of January 30th, 1991, errors correction of BOE nº 282, of November 22th, 1996).
  • New York 1974 Convention on the Limitation in the area of the International Sale of Goods, amended on April 11th, 1980.
  • The Geneva Convention of February 16th, 1983 on representation in the subject of international goods sales.
  • The Hague of December 22th, 1986 on the Law applicable to obligations arising from the trade.
  • The Ottawa Convention of May 28th, 1988 on Leasing and International Factoring.
  • On December 11th, 1995, on Independent Guarantees and Letters of Stand-by Credit.
  • On December 19th, 1988 in New York, on the Bill of Exchange and International Promissory Notes (IOU).
  • Convention on the Maritime Transport of Goods (Hamburg Rules) of 31th March, 1978.
  • The Montreal Convention of May 28th, 1999 for international air transport contracts, of Vienna 19th April 1991.
  • The New York of June 10th, 1958 on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, www.cmblogwatch.net Ratification instrument of May 12th, 1977.
  • The European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration, Geneva 21st April 1961 on International Commercial Arbitration, ratified by Spain on 12th May 1975.
  • Regulation EC 593/2008 of June 17th, 2008 on contractual obligations.
  • Regulation EC 864/2007 on non-contractual obligations.

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