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Mr. CARLOS BAÑO LEON created this law firm of Alicante in 1984, becoming over the years a multidisciplinary law firm with operations throughout the Spanish territory.

CARLOS BAÑO LEON Law Firm in Alicante has extensive experience in various specialties of law, especially in Real Estate Law, Construction or Building and Mortgage Law; Commercial Debt Collection; Tort Law; Obligations and Contracts; International Trade; Civil Law; Commercial Law and Criminal Law among others.

Since the beginning of its activity has had a relationship with a foreign clientele that has been increasingly numerous, which has made this law firm of Alicante very familiar with all aspects and legal problems concerning foreign citizens in Spain.

We help either with the full advice of a purchase and sale of a property in Spain, we provide advice on all types of investment in Spain especially obtaining special residence in Spain for investments, named GOLD CARD; also with the enforcement of a sentence of your country in Spain, we help you to obtain the division of joint property in Spain, with urban leases and condominium, with the processing of an inheritance or with the processing of a divorce.

In addition Alicante Lawyers of Carlos Baño León will help you to go to the Courts and Tribunals in claims of debt collection or many other claims of economic nature derived from contracts; in claims against banking entities for abusive clauses in mortgage deeds; we will help and advise you with the new regulation of mortgage contracting regulations; on regulations and consumer rights that are so important for bank policyholders and for the buyer of any good or service in the market; and to defend intellectual or industrial property rights in Spain.

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Lawyers in Alicante

Carlos Baño León is not just any law firm. From its establishment in 1984 to the present day, it has been providing proactive professional solutions to clients, with high quality services resulting in value and profitability. The main areas of the law firm include Real Estate Law, Construction and Housing Law; Civil Liability and Damages; Obligations/Contracts; International Trade, Civil Law; Commercial Law and Criminal Law among others.

In our law firm in Alicante we have recognized the need to offer our clients a service that keeps them up to date and satisfies their needs. For this reason, we offer legal advice, which we can provide to you by contacting us today.

With decades of experience, the firm has an in-depth knowledge of real estate law. This specialised area is essential because it regulates property rights, which are important for people socioeconomically and personally, whether these are houses or commercial spaces. If you want assurance when buying a real estate property we are your law firm. Any issue that affects your property can be solved by this law firm. Purchase and Sale Transactions; Leases; Construction Damages, Construction Works Contracts, etc., are some of the subjects that are frequently dealt with in this specialty in this office.

In a world governed by law, there is always a civil lawyer on hand to defend you when things get tough. Whether in or out of court, extrajudicial activities are very important in this branch, allowing principles such as autonomy and freedom of individuals when reaching agreements to be translated into a wide variety of contracts, and in turn of possible conflicts. With good advice it is not difficult to avoid them.

We have a lawyer who can solve any doubt or problem that may arise when dealing with international companies, as he is able to manage the whole process from the beginning to the end, so we will always take care of your interests in an optimal manner. We are proud of the many successful stories in which we have helped foreign companies and investors to invest in Spain.  We excel in legal claims in Spain arising from contracts with international companies.

Do you need a labor lawyer in Alicante to protect yourself from an unfair dismissal or from any other problem? You are not alone. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and skills you are looking for, contact us.

The law firm of Alicante has a great experience in commercial lawsuits, having provided throughout these years an important service to our clients not only advising them but also defending their interests. It is worth mentioning our intervention in dissolutions of companies and in insolvency proceedings.

Criminal law is one of the most delicate areas in which a lawyer can work, since it affects essential rights such as freedom and mobility, which is why years of experience allow us to help in a personalized way. In the socio-economic field, our intervention in economic crimes, such as scams, frauds, forgery, fraudulent bankruptcies, asset stripping, misappropriation, etc., stands out.

Law firm of reference in Alicante

The law firm Baño León Abogados adopts an approach that is unique in its cases. The litigation team analyzes each new case before the Courts and Tribunals, designing an effective defense strategy based on the chances of success for the interests of their clients; but they will always advise those who contact the firm not to initiate lawsuits without a chance of success, because that is what has made this law firm so successful over time.

We are proud of the trust our clients have placed in us. As a result, the team works together as a family, each of them influencing the success of the business through proactive solutions aimed at eliminating risks that could hurt the ultimate benefits.

We start by understanding your case in depth in order to provide accurate and efficient answers to your legal needs. We seek to save and recover resources, as well as eliminate any contingencies that may arise in the management of client matters through our approach in close collaboration with our clients.


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