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D CARLOS BAÑO LEON created this law firm of Alicante in 1984, becoming over the years a multidisciplinary law firm with operations throughout the Spanish territory.

CARLOS BAÑO LEON Law Firm in Alicante has extensive experience in various specialties of law, especially in Real Estate Law, Construction or Building and Mortgage Law; Commercial Debt Collection; Tort Law; Obligations and Contracts; International Trade; Civil Law; Commercial Law and Criminal Law among others.


Since the beginning of its activity has had a relationship with a foreign clientele that has been increasingly numerous, which has made this law firm of Alicante very familiar with all aspects and legal problems concerning foreign citizens in Spain.

We help either with the full advice of a purchase and sale of a property in Spain, we provide advice on all types of investment in Spain especially obtaining special residence in Spain for investments, named GOLD CARD; also with the enforcement of a sentence of your country in Spain, we help you to obtain the division of joint property in Spain, with urban leases and condominium, with the processing of an inheritance or with the processing of a divorce.

In addition Alicante Lawyers of Carlos Baño León will help you to go to the Courts and Tribunals in claims of debt collection or many other claims of economic nature derived from contracts; in claims against banking entities for abusive clauses in mortgage deeds; we will help and advise you with the new regulation of mortgage contracting regulations; on regulations and consumer rights that are so important for bank policyholders and for the buyer of any good or service in the market; and to defend intellectual or industrial property rights in Spain.

We carry out incorporation of companies and give legal advice to them as well as the exercise of liability actions against the administrators. We advise on the drafting of all types of civil or commercial contracts; whether to claim against Developers and Builders in Spain for construction damage and construction defects or to claim against Public Corporations and Town Halls in defense of our clients’ urban rights. Besides we claim to recover money seized from our clients at borders and customs.

Furthermore, Alicante Lawyers will help you defend your rights if you are subject to criminal proceedings of any kind; also if you have to defend your assets that have been damaged by actions constituting fraud, misappropriation, unfair administration etc., because you can be a partner of a trading company and the action of its administration can be harmful to you because in this field the action of our Lawyers in Alicante is very fruitful because either through civil, as through criminal proceedings we will act by way of unfair administration.

Moreover we advice in the field of Labour Law, we obtain visas for residence and work permits and so on up to a large number of matters that are dealt with in this office and of which we wanted to make a brief summary so that you can get an idea, of what you can get both in court and out of court, from Lawyers in Alicante of Carlos Baño León.

Numerous clients, especially of foreign nationality, both companies and individuals, have relied on the services provided by this law firm, whose main lines of action are inspired by professionalism and respect for professional ethics. We have a team of Spanish lawyers professionally prepared to provide the best service, which is demonstrated by the high number of cases attended and the high success rate obtained.

We have been pioneers in the use of new technologies and our implementation via Internet has been going on for many years.

In our desire to serve at the moment of contacting us, we have recently implemented an immediate and free chat service, through which you could instantly connect with our lawyers in Alicante obtaining a free first assistance that will undoubtedly guide you without prejudice to subsequent communications that could be made professionally.

A law firm that prides itself should not be limited to the professional attention of those who require our services but should also attend this work taking into account the economic circumstances of the person who obtains our attention and more at times such as the current economic difficulty and uncertainty, and it is for this reason that this Spanish Law Firm at the time of issuing invoices for its work meets this criterion, the economic, taking into account the circumstances of people, so that we facilitate hiring not only with realistic and economic rates but also offering payment facilities to those who need it.

Our personal customer service hours are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. steadily.

Lawyers of Alicante will attend to you in a personalized way so that you are satisfied with your request.

You could send us the documentation we request without worrying about translating it as we will do it at no cost to you; and at no cost to you we will issue you a report about your case or your consultation so that you have the proper information.

Our services include translation services from English, Spanish, Dutch and German, so our language staff will also translate the documents that you may send us and that could be useful for your case.

We try and do our best to make you feel welcome and gain your trust from your first call or email.

Although we could be far from you and in a country that is not yours, we try at all times that it does not seem to you and that is why Lawyers in Alicante of Carlos Baño León has very demanding and very personal customer service guidelines and standards.

Almost 37 years of experience is a very important figure that should help you to trust us.

Consider, furthermore, that the action of legal professionals in Spain, as well as that of other professionals from other areas, although independent in their actions, is regulated by very specific regulations and is supervised by the respective Professional Associations.

In the specific case of the practice of Law, the Law and our Professional Association regulate and control our professional action, without prejudice to the independence and freedom in the development of our work, because the lawyer’s responsibility is to his clients and their interests are the only ones he must defend although it is also true that he must respect the Law and also respect the opposing party.

Finally, we invite you to visit our website and we would like you not to hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, either for guidance or for advice on any matter that may affect you at this time. Ask for our assistance and without being an obstacle the fact that we are lawyers from Alicante, since as we have said, we work throughout Spain, apart from having numerous collaborators, made after many years of professional practice of law, as we believe we can demonstrate through this page.

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pecialty of great importance constituting its object of regulation, assets that in the socioeconomic reality and in the personal sphere of people have great importance, real estate in its most varied manifestations (housing, single-family housing, bungalow, office building, commercial premises, tourist apartment, etc).

Real Estate, Construction, Building, Housing, Urban Planning, always refer to the same quality, the property or building.

Our team of lawyers has a wide experience in Property Law, both out of court and in court.

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f you have a debtor to whom claim the payment of debts or unpaid invoices or other sort of debts derived from commercial or trade relations, you can entrust this office with the management of your collection claim, initially in a friendly way and afterwards through legal means, if there is no other solution.

For many years, many companies have been entrusting us with international debt collections in Spain and we work for clients in many countries.

First action we perform as soon as we are in charge of a case is to start the friendly or legal procedure in an irrefutable way so that there is a proof of our good faith, that later if it is necessary to appear in Court it will be an important evidence to prove the willingness of outstanding payment by the debtor, which will help undoubtedly to an easier order of payment in costs.

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