Is it mandatory to insure my car if I do not use it?

Many users ask the same question, do I have to insure my car if it never leaves the garage? The answer to this question is yes. Each of the vehicles circulating in Spain must have, at least, a civil liability insurance.

This is an expense imposed by law. In case of non-compliance you can pay up to a maximum of 3000 euros as a fine if the car is involved in an accident. Therefore, the best option is to insure the car under all circumstances.

Is it mandatory to insure my car if it is not in use?

As a citizen, I have the obligation to insure my car even if it is not circulating, either because it is old or simply because it is inoperative. This is due to the fact that in Spain there is a traffic law that reiterates that all vehicles normally parked in Spain are strictly obliged to be insured.

  • Article 2 of the TRLRCSCVM law reiterates the above.
  • The Royal Legislative Decree establishes that it is mandatory to comply with the Civil Liability Law.
  • The judgment of the Court of Justice issued on June 20, 2019 sanctions that parked cars can cause damage to third parties, therefore they must comply with the regulations.

In the specific case that your car does not travel, but has a Spanish license plate, you must have a minimum liability coverage. This type of extra-contractual insurance is characterized not only by responding to traffic incidents, but will also help you in cases where you need to repair damages caused to third parties.

What is the established penalty in the event of a mishap?

As you will understand, it is extremely important to understand that it is imperative and mandatory to have risk insurance. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.

The amount of the fine established for cars that suffer mishaps and do not have insurance can range from 600 to 3000 euros, which will be established according to the seriousness of what happened.

Also, the value of the fine may increase depending on how long your car has remained uninsured and if you have incurred in this type of infraction before.

What to do if you do not want to insure your car compulsorily?

Every rule has an exception; in this case, the only way to release a car from having to agree to a minimum vehicle liability insurance policy is to deregister the car. In order to establish the deregistration of a vehicle, either temporarily or permanently, you must go to the corresponding traffic police station.

When a car is deregistered, it also runs the risk of catching fire and causing damage to third parties, but the law exempts it from contracting or paying for compulsory insurance of this kind.

Royal Decree 1507 of 2008 establishes this. Just keep in mind that if a mishap happens involving your car, you will have to take responsibility for the event.

How do I deregister my vehicle so that I don’t have to insure my car?

In order not to run the risk of being fined because of an uninsured car that is not in use, you must deregister it. However, in order for it to be carried out, it is necessary that you have passed the ITV; performing this technical inspection is a fundamental requirement for it. In addition, you must meet these requirements:

  • It pays a subscription fee in the form of a tax of about 9 euros.
  • Take your ID card with you to the traffic police station.

In case you want to take it out of circulation definitively, you must deliver it to an Authorized Vehicle Treatment Center together with your title deed. Do not forget to notify the corresponding insurance company in writing. As you will see, this is the only viable way to avoid having to insure your car if you do not use it.

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