ranch of Law that regulates the relations of work provisions, either as hired hand or as a self-employed, among other important areas.

Historically, Labour Law arises as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution and from its results, the overwork, the work without protection nor guarantees and the awful forced child labor, etc.

The State assumed the regulation of some minimum beyond which, the parts could negotiate, being these minimum the guarantee of a living wage, of a respect to the workers’ rights and as well the guarantee of a protection at the security field at the time of working.

Along with the legal texts that regulate Labour Law, especially in the Workers’ Statute, in this branch of Law are included the regulation of special working relationships such as executives or domestic employees and as well, the important subject that implies the Social Security and finally, the regulation dedicated to the freedom of association.

Different kinds of labor contracts, with its wide variety, are subject regulated by Law and have a mandatory basis for employers and employees, with the eventual enhancement by the government of one or another kind of contract according to employment needs.

There are different ways of employment relationship’s termination, according to the concurrence of the cases considered by Law; the termination for breach of the worker or the company, and it is noteworthy to highlight the dismissal in the daily practice of the Courts and Tribunals.

The vested rights of workers; the workday; the salary, the modifications of the essential conditions of the work, are also matters that are explained daily in the Courts and Tribunals, and that suppose a very important part of material regulated by this branch of the law just as the important subject of wage claims supposes.

Matters like agreements, accidents at work, Social Security, occupational risks, constitute a constant and reiterated material that in law firms like ours have this law branch of frequent exercise.


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