Nephew appropriates inheritance intended for Blue Division Brotherhood and is sentenced to six years in prison

In some cases inheritance is a topic of discussion in the family. Normally problems arise between children and spouse, but sometimes a nephew appropriates inheritance intended for third parties.

This is what happened in Madrid with the money and assets of an elderly man, who had expressed in his will that all his belongings would be destined to the Brotherhood of the Blue Division after his death.

Despite the fact that the owner of the assets expressed his will in writing, his nephew took possession of his money some time before his death, when the elderly man was diagnosed with a degenerative disease.

Nephew appropriates inheritance by being authorized to use his uncle’s account

In January 2010, A. A. R., the author of the inheritance, went to the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa, where he was diagnosed with primary degenerative dementia type E, also known as moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

A week later, the accused admitted his uncle to the Valdeluz Residential Center and that same day a communiqué was issued to the Móstoles Court, announcing the internment of an alleged incompetent person.

Before being hospitalized as a patient, the uncle authorized his nephew to use one of his accounts, which gave him access to his other funds and allowed him to make transactions at his convenience.

The defendant moved all the money according to his own free will

The prosecution explains that the defendant used the account in which he was authorized to make transfers and withdrawals while his uncle was alive and after his death.

This money was intended for his own account, that of his children, his wife and a nephew, but after his conviction it had to be returned to the National Brotherhood of the Blue Division.

It was also shown that during the first months of 2010, the nephew cancelled an investment fund and made 4 redemptions which left him with a total of 293,296 euros at his disposal.

Finally, the prosecution points to a sale and purchase of a property in Murcia, the price was 100,000 €, but only 24,000 was paid and the rest was issued as a promissory note maturing on May 10, 2010.

Apparently, the defendant never intended to cancel the promissory note and failed to live up to his end of the bargain once the agreed date was reached.

Your crime will not go unnoticed

Rear view of the main prisoner handcuffed in the corridor

The prosecution considered the above actions as a crime and requested 6 and a half years of imprisonment for the accused man. His trial will take place next Wednesday at the Provincial Court of Madrid.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office states that his crime was the misappropriation of his uncle’s property, in addition to the swindle carried out with the purchase and sale of the property.

Similarly, he must pay a fine of 12 months with a daily installment of 3,600 euros and must pay compensation of 152,850 euros to the National Brotherhood of the Blue Division.

This amount will be received by the institution as compensation for the property and the debt associated with it, which was previously 64,000 euros, but due to the damage caused is now higher.

It seems that the story of the nephew appropriates inheritance ends with a foiled plan and a fine to be paid, which possibly turned out to be much more costly than expected.

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