How to claim dampness to the home insurance

Within Spain, the home insurance has the option of covering any type of damage due to deterioration or clogging of its own pipes. It is important that you identify these dampnesses so that an expert can come to your home on behalf of the insurance company. He will be in charge of determining where this moisture is coming from and whether he will take care of it.

Depending on the type of humidity and the reason that has generated it, it will be possible to act in one way or another. These often appear on ceilings or walls in your apartment. It can occur due to leaks and structural problems or even due to any plumbing problems in the building.

Now, making this claim is something we must do in the right way to get redress. It is important to read very well the different conditions of the policy you have contracted and to be aware of this right. Now we will show you some details that you should take into account in this process.

What are the most typical household insurance claims?

Within Valencia, home insurance is usually called for three types of cases that are common in properties. Humidity does not always occur for the same reason, there are different causes and now we will show you some of them. Some examples are as follows:

  • Moisture due to condensation; where there is usually dampness or fatal stains that can even smell bad. They generally occur due to temperature changes between the inside and outside of the floor. They are difficult to claim, because few usually cover them, however, always ask your insurer.
  • Dampness due to rain seepage; they are usually common in buildings or roofs that are not waterproofed. The cover usually rots and the insurance will be able to help you. However, if it is a case of neglect due to lack of maintenance, you will have to take care of it yourself.
  • Dampness due to burst pipes; here they will be able to help you much more easily, since the problem is not your fault.

These are usually the most frequent claims that reach the different insurance companies.
insurance companies
within Valencia or Spain in general. So from these you will be able to start the claim process.

What is the procedure to follow?

It is a reality that each company has its own process for making claims of any kind. Ideally, contact with the company should be made as soon as possible after the loss occurs. In this case, as soon as moisture is noticed, it is time to act immediately and make a call .

From the first contact with the moisture, do not allow more than 5 days to pass to make the communication in writing. It must specify everything that is happening, relevant data and an estimate of the damage caused. If known, the reasons for the appearance of this humidity may be included in this communication.

After this, the insurer will reply and send an expert. He will be in charge of checking and starting the restoration process to eliminate the humidity. It will also be in charge of saying whether or not it is a problem to be solved by the insurer.

Making successful home insurance claims

It is clear that the home insurance can take care of the dampness or cases we have mentioned above. You just have to follow the process in the right way in order to have the necessary help in these cases. Always remember to read the terms and conditions of the policies and do not let dampness occur due to your own carelessness.

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