If you are acting in Court in your country and you need to make a seizure in Spain becuase it is here where de debtor has his assets, you can go to the Spanish Courts in order to achieve that through precautionary measures the debtor’s assets are seized and remain dependent on the outcome of the trial in your country.

Many lawyers from different countries has consulted us regarding this matter once they have found themselves in a situation where they have a lawsuit against someone in their country but this person does not have any assets there, but in Spain.

Many times those professionalS want to act in their own country and then they come up against the problem of a lack of assets from the debtor.

This law firm has expertise in private international law. For long time we have not only enforce judgments from other countries, but also help people who have already acted against a debtor in their country which trial has not finished but they had the opportunity of making a provisional seizure of assets in Spain.

These are precautionary measures and therefore they are provisional and are conditioned to what finally happens in trial in your country.

If the case is won, what you will have to do is to enforce the judgment so that when it is enforced the provisional measures will be annulled and they will be definitive.

If this is your situation do not hesitate to contact this law firm and we will help you to complete the actions that your lawyers are carrying out in your country.

We always advise to act directly in Spain, that is to sue in Spain,  but it can also be the case that you have sued in your country and you want to have the guarantee that then you can enforce the judgment in Spain.

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