This law firm has begun to file a complaint to the Spanish courts in the defense of English and Irish buyers who, at a time, delivered amounts on account for the payment of the purchase price of real estate in Spain without the Promoters endorsing said quantities delivered.

Unfortunately the administrators failed to comply with the Law that required them to guarantee these amounts and then the companies closed. Then the buyers had to face the problem that the houses were not finished and also the companies had stopped existing and they were losing their money.

The Spanish Courts following various judgments of the Supreme Court have allowed these buyers to recover their money by claiming the administrators of the companies that received their money and did not guarantee it.

These claims are giving very good success so if you are in one of those cases do not hesitate to make any queries you want to this office for advice and in order to recover your money.

The most surprisingly fact of all this and what gives so many hopes for the claims to succeed is that the judicial actions of the administrators are always defended with different arguments that never coincide. This clearly demonstrated that they do not have a valid a recognized line of argument to defend themselves and all this in benefit of the buyers.

We in our claims are always equal and also neutral and so are our arguments because we endorse the great amount of Jurisprudence of the Courts and nevertheless this does not happen for the administrators.

We will give you a free report and we will find out everything about the company and its administrators.

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