ONE JUDGMENT MORE IN FAVOUR OF DUTCH CLIENTS. Today has been held a trial in Juzgado de lo Penal nº 2 (Criminal Court) in Benidorm in a Juicio Procedimiento Abreviado nº 32/2013 (abbreviated trial procedure) against the owner of a development company and his children because of a criminal proceeding brought by criminal lawyers of Carlos Baño León Spanish Lawyers. Our lawyers were defending a Dutch client, who had tried to execute a Court order of property seizure against the development company and found that such development company had transferred the properties to third parties and to his children.

I understand that this action was done fraudulently in order to avoid that our client could seize the properties. Therefore it was reported by a criminal proceeding as fraudulent conveyance and on the one hand it was asked the imprisonment and, on the other hand, in the civil proceeding, it was asked the annulment of such sales.

Sentence Development Company and Associates

In order to avoid that the accused people sell the properties during the development of the legal proceedings, it was asked and obtained a precautionary action consisting of making a note in the Registry so that it was prohibited to sell the properties.

Finally today the trial has been held and the representative person of the development company and his children have recognized the facts, have pled guilty and have accepted to pay to the Dutch client the debt that they had with him. All these in exchange for the fact that a reduced sentence is applied to them, less severe than the one that they would have got if they were convicted.

Carlos Baño León Spanish Lawyers have accepted such agreement as the client has recovered the debt and the fraudulent actions of the accused people has been penalized. Therefore our client is doubly satisfied, in one hand the economical aspect and in the other hand the moral aspect, because the accused have been sentenced to imprisonment.

A new success of Carlos Baño León Spanish Lawyers.

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