Spanish lawyers of CBL Carlos Baño Leon are starting to file the first claims against the administrators of building developers’ companies because of breach of the duty of guaranteeing the payments delivered in advance in the purchase of houses in Spain.
We have already informed several times that these claims are being recognized provided that some requirement are met.
Many buyers claimed the refund of the money paid in advance to the developers as a consequence of breaches of contracts.
Claims Against the Administrators
The huge problem that many buyers found is that although they won the legal claims, the companies were insolvent or involved in a bankruptcy proceeding.

This happened because many purchases were done without the corresponding bank guarantees and then the possibility of recovering the money when the sellers breached the contract disappeared.

Now, after many legal claims, the Supreme Court of Spain has ruled some judgments which are favorable to the convictions of the administrators, since they sold the properties and received the advanced money of the buyers but did not guarantee such amounts and then violated the Law that required such bank guarantees.
If you are among one of this cases and you have not received the refund of your money, you can contact this lawyer office in order to be advised.
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