A surprising reality has been revealed after obtaining certain reports that we asked in favor of the clients when they are going to make a sale and sale is the reality that affects the adjacent parcels.

Recently and thanks to the obtaining of a certificate from the Town Hall, we discovered that the plot that our client was going to acquire was intended to be a landfill in the town plan of the town hall.

The surprise was a big one because it was something that had not been perceived by the customer in the several visits he had made.

A parcel can be destined to landfill even if it is not in use and this is something that must be known
In the case we were discussing, it was planned to install a landfill on the neighboring property, although it had not yet been done and, in the words of the technical services, it would be very difficult to authorize the installation of a landfill in that plot.

The reality has changed a lot at this point and today the councils have very strict environmental standards and that is why the technical services reported that although that use was planned, it seemed very difficult to be authorized one day.

We commented this to emphasize how important it is that someone interested in acquiring a land has knowledge of what the situation of the plot and also of the area and mainly of the lands bordering before the deed.

That is why this office is very demanding with the agencies and promoters when making contracts with our clients since we demand the establishment of clauses that contemplate the possibility of resolving the contracts in the cases that prior to the deed the buyer has knowledge Of the existence of any type of urban use limitation that cannot interest you and not only of your parcel for which the purchase is interested but also for the one of the bordering ones.

We demand the establishment of clauses that allows the legal investigation of the parcels so that when the buyer goes to the Notary does it knowing that the certainty and security about what he buys is total and that there will never be surprises.

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