Because we have been a distinguished team for many years, 36 exactly, and we offer our services to many foreign citizens who are interested in investing in Spain.

We work throughout Spain and we offer you the most advanced media to obtain the necessary information in the shortest possible time and all at very competitive prices.

It does not matter in which city of Spain is the house you are interested in buying. We immediately access the most complete information of the dwelling and we communicate with all the parties so that there is no problem for not being located where you are going to buy.

However, many times the client insists that he wants to have a lawyer where the dwelling is and then what we do is designate a lawyer of our firm.

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We want to insist that the presence of a lawyer is not necessary and however it is necessary that the buyer goes to see the dwelling.

Once this is done he must communicate it to the lawyer and then we will make all the necessary management until the day of the signing, when we will send you a draft of the title deeds that you will sign at the Notary.

Many times our clients show misgivings about not having us where the house is but we usually convince them that it is not necessary because what is important is that the buyer has a person who represents him before the seller and make all the necessary steps and documents and this all this work is what we do and offer to our clients.

We immediately contact the sellers or real state agencies and we inform them that we represent the buyer and that we take full responsibility for the necessary steps to be taken in order to make the purchase as soon as possible and with full guarantees for our clients.

Many times we are asked if it is necessary the presence of the buyer when signing a private contract. The answer is no, since thanks to the technical media contracts can be send and signed from a distance. Of course this must be done under our supervision and we act as intermediary since the contract is sent to us, we revise it and make the necessary changes that will benefit our client and defend his rights and then we send it to the client so that he can sign it. Then we receive the signed contract from the client and we send it again to the seller so that he can sign it.

What is inexcusable is that the buyer comes to see the house and never relies on the information you can be given.

We always warn you: if you are interested in a dwelling you have to come to see it. Likewise we advise you to come personally to sign the public deed of sale since prior to the delivery of the keys you must visit the dwelling you are going to buy for the last time so that you do not find any surprises if you do not do it.

The purchase of a property in Spain is a very important transaction, especially if we are referring to properties.

Only a lawyer specialized in real estate law will be able to advise you with total guarantee.

In this section you will be able to read many articles of interest. If you read them you will be able to understand the importance of being advised by a lawyer.

A lawyer specializing in real estate or construction law such as Carlos Baño León is aware of all the latest developments in this sector.

We encourage you to read the rest of the articles that appear in this section of Real Estate Law!

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