The main concern we must have when acquiring a property already with more than one previous transfer is to ensure the conditions of the construction and make clear in the contract the liability of the seller for the damages that may appear in the house with the passage of time.

You would be unpleasantly surprised by the fatal consequences that you may have if you are not prudent in this regard.

Take care with this and include the necessary clauses. There are conflicts arising from damages that appear after the sale and it is difficult to prove their existence before the purchase, that is to say, whether or not they were know by the buyer.

Find here the link of an article about a case of this type, which we already published and that affected an English customer of this law firm. We could say many things about this, but I appeal to the common sense of my readers, who will understand at once that it is easy to have conflicts with this unless the necessary measures are taken.

It must be verified not only the condition of owner of the seller, but also the status of debts of the house, requiring the seller to prove at the time of transferring the house that all expenses and taxes have been paid.

Purchase of a Property

Furthermore it is very easy to find any of the requirements on the Internet and, if you check the links of articles about purchases, many of them are common.

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