Lawyers from Baño Leon Law Firm have obtained a favourable sentence in Chamber 11 of  the Provincial Court of Valencia in favour of a Finnish citizen who sold a load of leathers to a Spanish company with its office in Valencia. He delivered the goods and received only a part of the price and the rest was to be paid on a certain period which had already been agreed upon by the parties.

Once the payment moment arrived, the Spanish company alleged problems with their suppliers and asked for more tine in order to be able to solve the payment of the rest of money.

In a malicious way, at an unexpected moment, he delivered part of the debt and made a new order that our final customer delivered on payment.

The Spanish debtor alleged in Court that both parties had reached an agreement to extend the debt based on the fact that he had paid a part and that he had made and paid for other orders, which proved  the fact that the Finnish entrepreneur agreed to renew the debt and that the Spanish client would pay him later.

Lawyers from Baño Leon Law Firm alleged that new orders and payments had nothing to do with the obligation to pay the debt and that our client had never undertaken to accept the delay of the debt payment.

The Provincial Court of Valencia, with its judgment from November 13, 2017 has ruled in favour of our Law Firm and has sentenced the Spanish company to pay the debt to our Finnish client.

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