First Instance Court No. 1 of Burgos has ruled in favour of our English client who had turned to BAÑO LEON LAW FIRM in order to claim the payment of debtor balance that a Spanish company had with the company of our client, which works as a beverage supplier in Spain.

Our client, and important brewery in England turned to Baño Leon Law Firm in order to claim the debt and our lawyers issued the corresponding claim in the Court of Burgos, where the Spanish company has its registered office.

Our lawyers thought that it was convenient to use as evidence the account of the client, since there had been many commercial operations and on many occasions the operations were not the integrity of the invoice, but deliveries on account. Apart from this there were many payments for returns of packaging and all this required to prove all the movements of the account, both duty and credit, to be able to justify the balance.

Debt Collection

After a laborious documentary proof supported by the ratification of the company’s accountant, our lawyers proved the appropriate balance and the Judge thus considered it condemning the Spanish company, whose arguments, often in bad faith and deceptive to provoke doubts to the Judge and obtain an illicit benefit, were useless.

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