How much does it cost to deed a house?

Deed of a house

If you’ve ever needed a deed to a house, you’ve probably wondered how much it might cost. After all, this document is fundamental in the purchase and sale of real estate. However, many people are unaware that an outlay must be made for the drafting of the same.

How important is the deed to a house?

importance of the deed to a house
If you are wondering why you would have to take out a deed to a house the answer is simple. This is the only document that certifies when a house or property has been sold. It collects data such as:

  • It establishes the ownership of the house by the person who is the owner of the house.
  • It contains data such as the surface or total area on which the house is located.
  • Collects data on the value of the property and any encumbrances it may have at the time of sale.

However, the most important thing is that the deeds of the house represent a legal guarantee for the owner. No one will be able to take your property once you have completed this process. However, this entails a significant additional expense over and above what you have invested in your new property.
Find out how much it costs to have the deed of a house deeded

Now, with respect to the price of the deed to a house, there are several points to consider. After all, it is not a service that simply constitutes payment for the physical document. Other expenses are included where we highlight:

  • The notary, the person who is in charge of granting the legal character to the agreement of sale of a property. In addition, being the only one who can carry out the registration of the property with its new owner.
  • The process carried out by the notary also includes the Land Registry. It is here that the homeowner is finally given full authority over the property. Evidently, this organization also requires its own expenses.
  • Certain taxes may be levied on the registration process.

That said, the original value of the purchased house may rise considerably. On average, there is talk of an increase of between 10% and 12%, although this depends on other factors.

Is it possible to calculate the price of the deed to a house?

Certainly, by consulting an agency specialized in this type of procedures we will obtain a quotation. Taking into account the price of the property, the status of the property and the procedures to be performed, you could spend approximately:

  • For the notary the investment could be between 600 and 1,200 euros approximately.
  • The Property Registry usually requires a fee of around 600 euros.
  • Finally, taxes can be around 10% of the property and 1.5% for legal acts.

Of course, the values we have calculated are for reference only and only by going to an agency will you be able to obtain the real price. Don’t know with whom you can go through the process of issuing a deed to a house? We have the best solution for you.

The best legal services for your property

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