The Court of first instance number 8 in Alicante has ruled a judgment in the divorce proceeding number 652/2016 favorable to our Dutch client, who had filed a petition for divorce against his partner with whom he had got married in Holland.

Our client was a Dutch person living in Spain for more than a year and even if he did not get married in Spain, the Spanish courts are competent for dealing with the divorce case and then our lawyers filed the petition for divorce in a Spanish court.

The divorce petition with its documents was sent by registered mail, return receipt requested, and it was received by our client’s partner.

This matter is also very interesting to be mentioned, because before the notifications and summons had to be sent through the courts, but now it is enough with doing it through any way that guarantees the rights of the addressee and that assures the speed of the notification.


The registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt is enough and fulfils both aspects; hence this proceeding has been processed very soon.

Many times our foreign clients ask us whether a Spanish court can deal with a divorce that was carried out outside Spain and the answer is always positive, provided that some requirements are fulfilled and one of them is the residency in Spain of the person who wants to file the petition for divorce during a year before the request.

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