Contracts after the move. Change of light holder and other tips

Today we are here to tell you how you can change your electricity supplier after moving house. But we will also give you some valuable tips to help you choose the best rate for your new home.

How to make the titular change of light

It is important that as soon as the moving day is near, you start to manage the document of the change of owner of the electricity of that new home. This is a process where the new user is legally responsible for this service. The person who appears as the holder in the document will be the only one in charge of paying the invoices generated by the consumption. Do you want to know the step-by-step process? Here we explain how to do it and what documents you should have on hand for the management.

Steps and requirements for the change of the owner of the electricity service

The procedure for you to appear responsible for the costs of the home’s electric service is very simple. First you must contact the supplier with whom you will sign the contract; then you must submit the documents requested by the company, and finally, wait for the bill to arrive and you can check the change.

As this procedure is completely free of charge, you only need to have the following information and documents at hand:

– Name of the new owner supported by the DNI, passport or Residence Card.

– Address of the property where the change is to be made.

– Accreditation that verifies the use of the property.

– Previous owner’s data.

– Electrical power.

– CUPS number.

– Details of the bank account where the invoices are to be paid by direct debit.change of owner light

Who can change the contract holder?

The new inhabitant of the dwelling will be able to make the titular change of electricity, gas and other services. Should you be an owner? No. A tenant or a prospective buyer may also proceed; to do so, the latter must have a sales contract. In addition, a person who is widowed or divorced is entitled to a change of ownership. In both cases, the death certificate or divorce certificate must be presented.

Choose the best electricity tariff for your new home

We always recommend users to evaluate their electricity consumption in the new property, in order to optimize the use of the service and the expenses generated. Once the owner knows the required power, he/she can adjust and change to the tariff that best suits his/her budget.

This process involves knowing the routines of use and electricity consumption in the home, comparing the different rates and keeping the following information in mind:

1. Calculate the electrical power. The property may have a higher or lower amount of kilowatts depending on the actual new needs. Therefore, it is important to find the optimum power that allows the user to enjoy the service efficiently and effectively.

2. Choose your consumption schedule. In order to generate savings in your rates, choose a payment plan according to your consumption schedule. To find the schedule, take into account the times of day you are at home.

3. Compare prices. Just as there are processes to change the service holder, there is also one to change the supplier. So, if you find any company with discounts or lower economic prices, compare their quality and try their services.

You should also bear in mind that changing supplier does not imply a commitment of permanence; therefore, you can go through the process until you get the best service. However, the deadline for the change of company or tariff to become effective is 15 days.

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