Although we could imagine such an event, it would be more difficult to assimilate the serious consequences of the physical injuries suffered, at least in this specific case. An event that is not unusual to occur and in this particular case has caused physical damage really difficult to imagine, and it is true that it takes time to assimilate the consequences of an unexpected event occurred while carrying out a daily task such as doing the shopping in a department store.

The case we are dealing with is about a couple of English clients, who were shopping in a national department store in Orihuela Costa, specifically in the shopping complex of La Zenia and when they were attended by an employee who assisted them with the handling of the products in the self-service cash machine of the store. It is a well-known fact that people are being replaced by these cash machines where you pass the products through a reader and the products are being counted and invoiced.

It is also usual that to avoid crowds in this section there are usually people who help us and this is what happened to our clients of English nationality when an employee trying to remove the anti-theft device of the bottles of a certain value, in this case of champagne, lost the control with the movement he or she made and the bottle slipped and fell to the ground exploding with such intensity that the glass broke, shattered and flew out uncontrollably with the misfortune for our English customers that the wife had glass embedded in one of her eyes and the husband had a huge gash in his forehead.

accidente en supermercado con botella rota

Carlos Baño León is a law firm specializing in damages in Alicante.

Immediately they were looked after and one of the security guards called the ambulance and they were taken to a hospital, specifically to the Hospital Universitario de Torrevieja, Experts in damages Lawyers Torrevieja Lawyers.

The woman was diagnosed with very serious injuries and she had undergone an eye surgery on the 12th of February, 2021 and she had to be operated again two days later on the 14th of February, 2021 being the diagnosis very complicated and with a high risk of serious long term physical damages in the injured eye.

Damage claims specialist lawyers Alicante

The husband was diagnosed with head trauma and after an important medical care he stays pending clinical evolution.

Apart from telling this terrible accident in a large supermarket in the Shopping Center of La Zenia of which surely no one would have predicted the consequences, we want to take this opportunity to inform how to act and not to wait for the company to be the one to take the initiative.

You have to think that these big companies have their insurance policies and that they leave totally the instruction of the cases to these companies, so the casualty (i.e. the injured person) will never know anything, not even if the report of the accident has been given.

We always say the same thing and it has gone very well for our clients.

The first thing we advise is to gather all the evidence of what happened if it is possible and then the evidence of the medical consequences.

We always make the necessary procedures and obtain certification from the ambulance company to accredit that the person affected was picked up and their transport to the hospital or medical center.

It is normal that after an accident of this type you are shocked and the only thing you think about is your own state of health and to be taken to a hospital, so normally you don’t ask for the opinion or the intervention of third party witnesses.

abogado reclamación de daños

That is why it is very important to immediately inform the responsible company and the insurance company if you have the name and all the details in order to immediately intervene from the beginning as the injured party so that the matter is not totally forgotten. Lawyer Alicante lawyer for damages claim.

From this moment on we will send the necessary documentation to the insurance company and if in a few days we don’t have their acceptance we will act immediately because when there is not much evidence the fact of claiming immediately proves the coherence of the claim. Lawyers of claims against insurance companies for damages and for physical injuries and moral damages.

Alicante Lawyer specialist in damages

In any case we are going to be waiting in the coming days for the reaction of the Center and the Insurance Company, because even if we don’t receive an explicit report and acknowledgement of the facts, our lawyers in Alicante experts in damage claims are thinking of filing a legal action as we have already done other times and this court procedure of preliminary proceedings to bring to the Court the audiovisual recording of what happened and this is a crucial and definitive evidence.

Logically, this is not the end of the proceedings because once the case is already underway with the acknowledgement of the insurance company we will need the services of an expert in damage appraisals in order to assert his or her damage assessment report against those opposed by the insurance company, but that is another subject that we will deal with in another article because the importance of having a good damage appraisal expert is extraordinary to obtain an estimation in accordance with the interests of the clients.

Lawyers of Alicante, specialists in damage claims of Carlos Baño León put at your disposal their experience and knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any type of accident, we are experts and we have a lot of experience.


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