First Instance Court No. 10 has sentenced to a national supermarket chain for not keeping the access dry and having tiles without the due resistance to sliding.

First Instance Court No. 10 of Oviedo has sentenced a national supermarket chain to pay 23.000 as compensation to a woman who slipped at the entrance of their establishment in that city.  The woman filed a lawsuit against the supermarket claiming compensation not only for the injuries suffered, mainly in one of her wrists, but also for the loss of quality of life after the fall.

The Judge of the court, Ms. Carolina Serrano Gómez, considers proven in her ruling, which is not firm and can be appealed before the Provincial Court, that the supermarket did not do what was necessary to make the entrance dry, and this despite the fact that it has a special machine for this. In addition, she estimates that the tiles installed in the establishment lack the proper resistance to sliding.


The supermarket, although in its response to the demand acknowledged the fall, argued that “it was clear that the floor was wet”, apart from that it complied with the rules and was cleaned frequently, so it denied any negligence. In addition, a sign had been posted warning that the surface was damp and could be slippery. The witnesses of the incident corroborated it, but the sign was inside the premises, and not in the access. In addition, the victim obtained the testimony of another client who also slipped and was about to suffer serious injuries.

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