74% of rental homeowners consider that, in the event of non-payment, they have fewer rights than the tenant.

Rental property owners

Four out of ten owners consider the current rental supply to be sufficient.

The owner’s profile has an average age of 54 years, higher education, an average income of 42 thousand euros gross per year, and the vast majority of them have individual accommodation to rent to a third party.

The concerns of rental property owners are diverse, but most people have two common problems: 79% said they are not legally protected from any problems with tenants, while 84% people are very concerned about the country. It will remain after the end of the contract. This is explained in the report “Radiography of Spanish landlords – How do interventions affect the rental market?” Prepared by Fotocasa and the rental negotiating agency. The objective is to analyze and raise awareness among owners. Rental in the Spanish rental market and current regulations.

urban infractions


“The proportion of these concerns so high reflects the lack of confidence in the market on the part of private landlords. These concerns hurt and affect the entire industry because they are more likely to be reflected in the contraction of rental housing supply.” Maria, research director and spokesperson for Fotocasa Matos said that the government urgently needs measures to support this group to guarantee stability and security when renting their property.

As a result, 77% of the owners said that it is best to provide better housing with the support of public institutions.

Rental quotes and prices

Regarding rental offersIn the United States, four out of ten landlords believe that current rental offers are sufficient. On the contrary, 43% of people think that the current offer is sufficient, 23% think that the current offer is superior or somewhat excessive and the remaining 34% think that the current offer is insufficient or very insufficient.

Specifically, landlords in Andalusia consider rental prices to be insufficient to a lesser extent, while rental prices in Valencian and Catalan are clearly insufficient in their respective locations. In fact, 38% of Catalan landlords think that the quoted rent is insufficient, while 14% of Valencian landlords think that the quoted rent is insufficient.

Owner’s profile

The socio-demographic characteristics of the owners who allocate one or more homes to the rental market are their average age of 54 years, higher education and an average gross annual income of close to 42,000 euros. In addition, men accounted for 54% and women for 46%.

Ninety-seven percent of homeowners using rented homes live in houses and only three percent live in houses. In addition, most people only have one house that can be rented to a third party. In terms of how they rent their homes, traditional residential rentals are significantly different from tourist rentals: 84% of rentals are for residential use and the remaining 18% are for seasonal rentals.

Most landlords manage rents directly with tenants, while 33% of landlords tend to manage rents through intermediaries or companies that manage rents and guarantee payment.

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